Planned features are listed in order of priority without a set release date.


UI revampComplete rework of user interface to simplify access to features & modernize the trading experience.
Crosschain SwappingTransfer any asset between any of the 10 ecosystems MtopSwap is available on using our cross-chain swap powered by Li.Fi.
Enhanced wallet featuresEnhanced wallet connection options beyond Metamask, Improved chain selection, ENS domain recognition, & transaction history.
Meta-aggregatorAggregating aggregators to automatically give users best price of over 100,000 tokens (CoinGecko).
WhitelabelingAllows protocols to embed an MtopSwap widget & utilize our powerful tools.
Batch tradingSelect multiple DEXes or tokens & swap simultaneously.
Auto due diligenceEnter the token contract address on any ecosystem & receive a myriad of holder, supply, explorer, charting, & social data.
Contract revocationRevoke previously approved smart contracts or disconnect from visited websites.
Honeypot detectorVerify if a suspicious or new asset is a honeypot prior to swapping.
Token sniperAutomatically buy or sell assets if they cross a customized threshold.
Trade alertsToggleable alerts for high price impact trades on bookmarked tokens.
Portfolio managerView portfolio balances over time, bookmark your favorite projects and tokens, visualize your transaction history, & receive new pair notifications.

Sneak Peaks

MtopSwap V2 User interface


 MtopSwap V2 Swap Module

Auto Due-Diligence Dashboard


 Auto due diligence dashboard